Thursday, December 31, 2015


I had a conversation with a friend last week about Mystery. I have thought about it for the last few days. As artists we can only create from a place where we allow the mystery to unfold but we never really understand it. Thus-- is stays a mystery.
I woke early today. It was 5:30 and here in the Northwest at this time of the year the sun only starts to bring some light around 7:30. It is a cold, clear morning. The moon is still strong and bright although waning. I took a cup of tea to the hot tub behind my house. It is the best time for me. I can sink into that time of slow transition. It is the time of resurrection. I sit in the steam and feel the morning start to stir. But is it subtle and slow and soft. The stars were so bright and I tried to remember the astronomy that I had learned when I was living in Arizona. Now that is a night sky! It has been years since I gazed into the depth of that mystery. But here, this morning I felt it again. Who can gaze into the night sky and not feel that sense of mystery and magic? It is in our DNA. The heather on my terraced gardens next to me, dark in the night were softly adorned with tiny diamond lights. The moon had cast her jewels on the landscape. Silent and glittering so softly that I could only imagine how our ancient ancestors gazed at the same sights in wonder.

In western culture we tend to believe that we are apart from the natural world. Technology and science have replaced the belief that our ancestors had in the the power and mystery of the natural world. We think we are advanced and superior to our ancient relatives. Believe me, I am grateful for antibiotics and electric lights and cars, my hot tub ----- etc.! That is another discussion. My thoughts this morning are just that the more primitive cultures were equally as creative and just as interested in the mysteries of life as we are. This morning I knew some tiny sense of the awe and wonder , sometimes fear that they must have felt, and still do in many places on our planet. I thought of a moon goddess as I lay in her glow next to the scattering of moon dust. The sun is slowly warming the eastern sky as I write this. It is warm, softly rose and the big firs are silhouetted in shapes and patterns of dark, still soft, still subtle and deep.

Today I feel Ra heading into the world bringing light, coming from the underworld on his boat. I feel the fairies laughing at me beneath the golden sprinkles of the moon. I thought I could hear the hoof beats of Epona, the horse goddess. She is a goddess of the moon and night and as the sun arrives you might hear her riding west to escape the rays of the sun! I wanted to hear her and to wish her well.

I love the mysteries of life. I don't want them all explained to me. I want to remember on a deep level how we came from ancient and amazing people who lived only with nature and were creators of great theories of how it all worked. The art, the stories, the reverence for the power and the struggle to understand enough about being human to survive.

When we make art we can only surrender to the mystery of where it all comes from. It isn't me who is making it. It comes through me some how and is as ancient as we are.  Wow, it is a very amazing place to visit--- this planet. I am so grateful. The days grow longer as a new cycle begins. Happy New Year, Happy New Day.